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Write & Earn: Become an Author and Editor of this Magazine!


Hey I’m Angel! I’m in a mission of building a global network of people who help each other. Are YOU in? I help unstoppable professionals get career success by learning, sharing, and networking.

Get $5 per Article and FREE Certifications!

Please accept our gratitude for showing your interest in contributing to Blockchain 10.


WHY to Write at B10 Magazine?

By contributing at Blockchain 10 you will get paid $5 per article (direct to your PayPal account) and also FREE Certification opportunities from

And what is more important, you will build your personal brand as an ‘Expert’ by publishing your Blockchain articles here. You can become a leader in your industry. A leader is someone who inspires others! And YOU can be one!

WHAT to Write about at B10 Magazine?

Just search at for a Blockchain key concept (a relevant term or definition) that has not already been covered at Blockchain 10, and write “the definitive guide” for helping others learn about that key concept.

For example: search at for “ distributed ledger” (replace ‘distributed ledger‘ for any other key concept you want to write about, in order to check if it’s already been covered).

Once you have found a key concept already not covered at Blockchain 10, write a long article, with a clear structure of Titles and Subtitles. There are no length limitations (the longer the better).

HOW to Write at B10 Magazine?

Use “conversational writing” and an easy-to-read style (use short sentences and common words, useful examples, and avoid a technobabble style). Think about the reader first, how are you going to help him to put the key concept into practice?

Here is some guidance:

  • In order to make your article longer, not only share the key concept definition but also share everything you have learned about it.
  • Share tips and tricks. Start your own tutorial series. Prepare your step by step training articles. Share the issues/problems you faced on real projects and the solutions you implemented.
  • You can also add hand-outs, cheat-sheets, check-lists, metrics and KPIs, CSFs, lessons learned, use cases, etc. Anything that will help readers to put it into practice in a fast and easy way.
  • Have you developed any utility tool which can be leveraged by others? Did you find something interesting about that Blockchain key concept? Or just share your story at work.
  • Also create images to help readers to understand and put into practice that key concept.

Anything that adds value and helps to implement that Blockchain key concept is acceptable at Blockchain 10.

ONLY 3 Simple Rules

Although there are no limitations, but if you follow the below guidelines it would help us provide quality content to the Blockchain world.

  1. We only accept 100% original contents (never published before in the Internet). All articles must be your own (no copy pasting from other portals). Create your own unique article with your input, creativity, explanation, and understanding of the topic. Please, don’t send us commercial articles (selling business products or services), this is about knowledge articles (from professionals to professionals). We promote professionals, not companies.
  2. Create sufficient original images in order to make the article engaging and informative. They need to be also created by you (better when done in dark blue and grey colors). Except for the main photo in the article (the “featured image”) that you can pick a royalty free image from or
  3. All our external links are “no-follow” so please don’t use this platform for your own SEO link-building tactics. External links to your own contents are not permitted in the body of the article, only in your Author Box. Of course, you can always refer to other documents/blogs that really add value to the reader.


OKAY, Let’s Get Started Now!

Click Here to Register at Blockchain 10. Get your User Id and Password. Once you register, notify Angel Berniz at [email protected] and share with him your ideas. He will get back with your approval and you will be able to start posting your articles.

YOU as the Editor!

Think of Blochchain 10 as the Wikipedia for the blockchain world with the best practical implementation guidance for professionals. Once you become the Author of one blockchain key concept, you will become also the Editor of that concept.

Here is how it works:

  • All our articles will be included in a continuous improvement cycle. As in Wikipedia, the articles need to evolve in order to keep updated and relevant. They can’t stay dead for years, but instead need to be alive!
  • Readers will get the opportunity to provide you with further information in order improve your articles. In case they want to contribute, they will send you an email. New proposals should add additional contents, completing your article.
  • You as an Editor of the article will be the one who will accept or not the new proposals (you guarantee the final quality).
  • If a new contribution gets accepted, you will add a mention to that contributor at the end of your article (there will be a list of contributors), and the Author Box will remain yours.

This is a new innovative concept of “co-creation” to help others based on learning, sharing, and networking. Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to the Blockchain community!

About Angel Berniz

Hey! I'm Angel Berniz, your Coach! I am a technology enthusiast sharing my knowledge worldwide. Take my FREE Online Course on Blockchain at See you inside! 🙂