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Learning Bockchain: Not Too Late to Surf the Wave

Are you interested in learning blockchain? This article will explain in an easy way and in plain words how to start your bockchain learning journey today.


Have you ever been excited about a technology that has the potential to disrupt the way world will work in the future? In the past years, this is what the blockchain technology has offered gathering not only my attention, but also of a huge amount of interest from billion dollar companies as well as worldwide high-end investors.

In the middle of this “gold rush” there are people like you that are trying to figure out if it is worth to surf this new tech wave and how this can change your life. I believe this is a valid point to consider because time and money is so important to invest in something that could fizzle so quickly.

The good news is that even though this technology is in early stages, based on the latest indicators it came to stay. According to Crunchbase News, in 2017 more than 1 Billion dollars were invested in startup organizations categorized to “Bitcoin,” “Ethereum,” “Blockchain,” “Cryptocurrency,” and “Virtual Currency,” as well as adding the key words “digital currency” and “utility token. In 2018 the expectation is that this number will be surpassed and can be doubled and for this reason, there are 3 action steps you can do to be part of this journey:

Step #1 in Learning Bockchain – Learn the fundamentals

First thing first… it is important to understand well the major reasons why learning blockchain technology is so relevant. I can agree with you that the acronyms and way this technology works based on distributed infrastructure, cryptography, hash tables and merkle trees can be daunting because is so different of how you might current think, however if it worth to spend some time of day gathering the basic knowledge.

Step #2 in Learning Bockchain  – Go over case studies

The biggest question that I hear from my customers about learning blockchain is how this technology can really change their businesses? This is normal as a human behavior. To solve this problem a great way I recommend them is to go over about several cases studies already created by several companies in areas like finance, logistics, healthcare, law, etc. The focus is to use blockchain to solve real problems and not only because of the technology itself.

Step #3 in Learning Bockchain – Get and stay connected

As soon as an area of your interest or a real case where blockchain can be beneficial to your organization, find groups where you can discuss about it and hear different points of view. And most importantly: Keep yourself updated because technology is changing every day.

Remember: it is not too late to be part of this great opportunity. What are you waiting for? Please contact me in case of any question of feedback. See you next time!
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